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By using the advantageous position - near Tokyo and near abundant natural resources - we would like to appeal to foreigners and people from the city
with the various qualities of Yamanashi`s INAKA (countryside). The Japanese word INAKA means countryside, but it doesn`t indicate a common sense
countryside. In fact, Japanese INAKA is full of charm and it is different from any other touristic places: it is a place with unique natural landscapes,
lifestyles, and history. In order to highlight the many qualities of Yamanashi`s INAKA, we have created the “Inaka Tourism”. Therefore we are promoting
activities such as “Come to Yamanashi City!” (Inaka Tourism) and “”Live here” (Settlement promotion). Yamanashi City is the typical countryside where
you can enjoy: variety of delicious fruit such as peaches and Kyoho grapes (giant mountain grapes) we are proud of, local sake, wine, typical slow food,
hot springs, Mount Fuji view, warm-hearted people, and “mountains or valleys” typical of Nishizawa Valley - recognized as a wood therapy base.

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SAWADA Hiroshi ,craft potter , migrated from Tokyo to Yatsubo in Yamanashi City and never went back. For many years, he searched for a place to
settle, all over Japan, and finally found it in Yamanashi City. Across his residence and pottery studio, on a small hill, there is a mountain stream and
a view to Mount Fuji. The 50 years old house has been renovated and is now completely revived. This nice Japanese residence is open to anyone
wanting to experience Inaka living. Why not come and visit us?



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